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A stylish, modern 3 tier back design with a ‘softer sit’ seat for extra comfort.

Celebrity 10 motor massage massage system available on all Celebrity Riser Recliners.

What is Medical Grade™ Foam?

Naturally cooling Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam was developed in healthcare to ease aches and pains, return people to better health whilst being incredibly comfortable. It is specifically designed to relieve pressure, promote healing and help maintain and improve quality of life for both users and carers. There’s no other seating technology available n the market that supports recovery, rehabilitation and relaxation in this way.

So effective, Mammoth are:

  1. NHS award winners
  2. Mammoths technologies originate from UK healthcare and have been highly commended for pressure relief and postural support.

  1. Official partners with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  2. Backed by the UK’s largest community of therapists and loved by health professionals.

  3. Recommended by health professionals and experts across the U.K.

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The Somersby range has a stylish, modern 3 tier back design, with softer sit comfort.  Choose from a wide range of leathers. Also available in fabric. Comes in three sizes; petite, standard and grande. And is also available as a two, or three seat settee.

The science of comfort

Naturally cooling Mammoth Medical Grade™ Foam.

Mammoth has been helping people ease aches and pains, relax and be truly comfortable for years. With its roots in the health sector, Mammoth technologies are scientifically proven to support the key body systems for rest and recovery.

  • Temperature regulation
  • The science of comfort is based on three core principles:
  • Postural support
  • Pressure relief
    These principles underpin all of Mammoths Medical Grade™ foam products to deliver greater comfort for longBetter ease of movement
  • Reduce sweating, moisture and bacteria build up
  • Increase pressure relief, support and circulation
  • Relieve pain and discomfort
  • Reduce risk of falling and injury
  • Help to prevent hip locking when sitting/standing

Mammoth’s cooling airflow channels help:

  • For a cooler more comfortable sit
  • This means that users can avoid the discomfort that often comes with long-term sitting-such as pins and needles, overheating and reduced mobility.


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Red, Brown, Grey


Petite, Standard, Grande


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